Art is our life …

Dear friends of art,

in 2021 I look back on a rich artistic output: my work includes oil paintings, color etchings and copper engravings and much more. By giving demonstrations in museums and cities, in schools and in my own workshop on color etchings, copperplate engravings and much more, I equally fulfilled my mission as a visual artist and mentor. It has been my pleasure over thirty-three years to share my knowledge and experience as an artist, free of charge, with those interested – young and old – and to pass it on in this way. My pedagogical duty‘, as it is called, is hereby fulfilled. I no longer accept orders of this kind. My thanks go to those interested people who have accompanied me on this artistic journey.

A special thanks goes to my dear wife Ingrid. Without her I would not be who I am. She was and is the one who takes care of my works and carries them out into the world. Her extensive work cannot be valued highly enough, because it is also just as important as my work. Ingrid gave me strength, time and the possibility to fully concentrate on my artistic work. After setbacks, she straightened me up again, gave me new courage and absorbed many an adversity, although many things also went to her substance. But my wife Ingrid is a strong woman, without whom I could not have created this extensive work.

However, I will not retire! Not at all, because I cannot live without my art! So I continue to create new works, continue to implement my ideas and diverse ideas in oil paintings and drawings. I can not and will not do otherwise!

Ingrid and I have a surprise, dear friends of art. Color etchings and engravings I no longer create for several years, many know this. What my wife and I now reveal is this: There are several original etchings on various subjects that we have deliberately held back over the years. Now we open our ’secret treasure chest‘ and present my works in our gallery and on our website.

My dear wife and I thank all our faithful companions and benevolent as well as appreciative viewers of my works.

Dear friends of art, we are here for you also in the future. Write us, call us or visit us in our gallery in St. Peter-Ording.

We greet you warmly
Ingrid and Erhard Schiel