Sommerateliers 2019

On 15.6. and 16.6. 2019 the time has come again! The members of the regional associations for applied and visual arts (BAK, BBK-SH and Gedok) will open their studios and workshops throughout the country.
Guests and colleagues from Denmark will also be present this year.
We would be very pleased about an editorial publication and invite you cordially for reporting.


“Open your eyes – where art comes into being”.

When I moved from Berlin to Kiel many years ago, it wasn’t clear to me how many studios and artists there were in Schleswig-Holstein – and where I could find them. For many years I set out and visited colleagues who were well-known and unknown to me, in Kiel itself but also in the surrounding countryside, visited studios large and small, adapted to the material and the technology, and was amazed at how everyone who set out for the art landscape of Schleswig-Holstein, the production rooms, feels. Because only here can art be seen in the making, the process with which the artist communicates can be experienced, individuality can be recognized in art, which is also represented here in all neighbouring trades, in ceramics, painting, sculpture, installation, graphics or photo art.

This is the big difference to the exhibitions, in which only a small selection of works is shown, in which the creative process can be regarded as completed.

In contrast, studios have their own mysterious magic.  They think, plan, experiment, produce and preserve. In most workshops, the immaterial cultural heritage is also preserved – both the potter’s wheel and the etching press can be found. Visitors can thus see and understand the work process.

When the colleagues open their studios in June 2019, they will have the chance to “open their eyes” as testers of new works.

Flyer 2019

Text: Corinna Kraus-Naujeck

(Translation: Alessa Schmelzer)