Insights into Life and Work

Dear friends of art,

I would like to draw your attention to the book on my artistic work published at the end of July 2012.

I am glad that it was finished in time for my third exhibition on the island of Mainau and now I can offer it to you.

Erhard Schiel – Book

The large-format book shows Erhard Schiel’s masterly etchings, with which he became well known and respected throughout Schleswig-Holstein and the rest of Germany. Many of the small and large-format oil paintings with which he has made a name for himself during the last thirty years are illustrated.

It also tells about his pleasure in the demonstration of copper-engraving, his commitment to his community, as well as the earlier stages of his artistic work.

Special price: 19,90 €
272 pages in large format 30 cm x 25 cm with over 150 pictures and over 100 photos.

Order by phone 049-48 63-30 86 or use the form.

Review of the Book: “Insights into Life and Work”
Text: Dr. Leo Stöcklein, München

For the opening of the third solo exhibition by Erhard Schiel on the island of Mainau on August 2nd, the illustrated book „Artist Erhard Schiel – Insights into Life and Work“ by Georg Panskus was presented for the first time.

The full-color illustrated large-format book gives an overview of the diverse work of the contemporary artist Erhard Schiel. The wide range of etchings, oil paintings, and pencil drawings shows the artist’s enormous creative power and the wealth of ideas.

The mostly full-page color etchings fascinate: a close view let you wonder how it is possible to create such delicate, filigree lines and structures in copper plates, and what mental performance and imagination are required; sometimes up to four different colored plates are arranged side by side to get color etchings. Rembrandt would certainly enjoy it.

Just as fascinating are Erhard Schiel’s colorful oil paintings, which include the most diverse motifs: the sea (vast waves as well as the calm sea) and the expanse of the Friesian coasts, bewitched forests, flowering meadows with trolls, fairies and goblins, legends and fairy tales in order to mention just a few.
The handling of the light is especially impressive. The pictures are detailed, realistic, and yet not realistic, „alienated and exaggerated“. They simply address the viewer.

In addition to pictorial descriptive thoughts of the author Georg Panskus, which stimulate the intensive study of etchings and oil paintings, the anecdotes, photographs and reports from the life of the artist and his family loosen up the illustrated book.

The book is not a scientific treatise or a biography: It invites you to read, to think, to relax and also to dream while looking at the pictures.

This creates the desire to see the original color etchings and oil paintings on the spot in the gallery and in the studio in St.Peter Ording. They are even more colorful, luminous, and more impressive than the (179) illustrations in this book. By the way, you can get to know the artist personally and maybe acquire one or more of his works.