The Nibelungs

The organizer of the chamber music day, the well-known violist Wolfgang Hinzpeter and Werner Domann from the tourist center had the idea to perform the music of Eduard Lassen (1830-1904) for the first performance (1861) of Friedrich Hebel ’s „Die Nibelungen“ while simultaneously showing pictures on this topic by Erhard Schiel.

Erhard Schiel here with his picture „Kriemhild“.

The dramatic-colored pictures – or cut-outs – were projected onto the black stage background of the “Dünenhus”.

This was the case at the opening concert of the 3rd chamber music day on Friday, September 6th, in the “Dünenhus”.

Kriemhild mourns her Siegfried, who was murdered by Hagen von Tronje. She wants to avenge him. She has invited all the Nibelungen to the court of her second husband, Hunnenkönig Attila. These pictures were produced by Erhard Schiel for the performance of the Nibelungs (3rd chamber music day in St. Peter-Ording). A short text was read and while the musicians were playing, the pictures fitting to the respective theme were projected onto the stage.