A portrait for Claus Heitmann

Erhard Schiel and St. Peter-Ording

Erhard Schiel loves his town of St. Peter-Ording. He feels more connected to this town than to any other. Just how much is shown once again in the portrait of and for Claus Heitmann that he has just painted.

The portrait was created in honour of Claus Heitmann. As can be read in the article below, he collected interesting facts about St. Peter-Ording for decades. The result is a 6,000-page chronicle of the town. A mammoth work, so to speak. Erhard Schiel took up the motif in his picture and depicts Heitmann, the chronicler, enthroned above an open book.

Ceremonial: Erhard Schiel presents the picture to Claus Heitmann
Claus Heitmann is happy. He proudly shows his portrait, which Erhard Schiel painted and presented to him.